Easy Measurement

Trixie was 3 years and 6 months old at the time that this video was made.

The Problem

Trixie is doing a problem on a worksheet. My purpose in giving her this worksheet is to prepare her for measurement division word problems. (When working with children one-on-one, worksheets are generally unnecessary. But Trixie sees that her older school-age cousins get worksheets for homework. So she wants homework also.)

In the problem that Trixie is working on here there are 8 smiley faces and Trixie must circle groups of 4 of them and then count and record how many groups of 4 there are. This activity is analogous to solving a measurement word problem - like, if you have 8 smiley face stickers and you want to stick 4 on each finger, then how many fingers will get stickers?

What To Look For In This Video