Understanding Base Ten

Advanced shortcuts often depend on an understanding of “base ten” - for example, understanding that 358 loose apples is the same as 3 packages of 100 apples, together with 5 packages of ten apples, together with 8 loose apples. If I have to take 124 apples away from those 358 apples, I can first take 1 of the 3 packages of 100, 2 of the 5 packages of ten, and 4 of the 8 loose apples. It is then easy to see that I will have 234 apples left.

Base ten blocks help children to see large numbers in this way. Here is a picture of 1 hundred-block and lots of tens and lots of ones.

Here are icons representing hundreds, tens and ones - in this case, 2 hundreds, 4 tens and 5 ones, or 245.

It is not hard for children to use activities like those below to learn to draw icons to represent the numbers that they are thinking about.

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