Goals - Part 5

My goals in helping children with arithmetic are simple. I want them

  • to be good at solving all different types of word problems,
  • to like solving word problems,
  • to understand the problem solving methods (shortcuts) that they use and
  • to be able to communicate their reasoning to others.

5. What Does It Mean To Be Good At Solving Word Problems?*

As a first step, certainly by the time they turn 7 years old, children should have the ability to solve each of the 12 types of word problems by making the appropriate model and counting.

As 7- and 8-year olds, they should grow in their ability to solve word problems

In this video Eva makes a novel argument to solve a subtraction problem. Her thinking is excellent, but hardly fluent.

In this video Rose starts to solve a multiplication problem using one shortcut – but then realizes that she has a more efficient method for this particular problem.

*And, eventually, the equations that represent them.